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Fabulous Learning: Water

For me, water is shelter, a refuge into which I can always escape. – Friedensreich Hundertwasser

The Rogner Bad Blumau in Styria´s hot springs region, Thermenland, unites relaxation and inspiration in a special way. It is the gateway to a fairy-tale world in which everything flows.

More than just water, hot springs are a gift from nature!

“Your name is Hundertwasser and I have hundred degree water.” With these words, a wonderful collaboration began.

In the 1970s, the hot springs at Rogner Bad Blumau were discovered while drilling for natural gas, and have gained in importance ever since. Water, in the form of two healing hot springs, is at the center of it all. Most importantly, the briny and highly mineralized Vulkania. Two spring-fed pools offer our guests a romantic bathing experience under the sun and stars. One pool is filled with salty and healing 37 degrees Celsius water from the ancient sea of Vulkania spring, and the other pool, with cleansing freshwater.

Water in the Springs

Two healing springs supply the Rogner Bad Blumau with strength, warmth and energy.

The Melchior healing spring is the milder of the two. The water temperature of the hot spring as it leaves the earth is 47.2 degrees Celsius. It´s source is a sodium bicarbonate spring 970 meters below the earth´s surface.

The Vulkania healing spring begins at a depth of 2,843 meters. The water temperature is around 110 degrees Celsius as it arrives on the surface, sometimes more. The highly mineralized waters of Vulkania, the strongest spring in the Styrian Thermenland, supply the Vulkania Healing Pool. Over one million years ago, a sea developed in the middle of a volcanic landscape. Over the following millenia, tectonic shifts sealed off the volcanoes´ depths from outside influences. Thankfully, this unique ancient ocean was discovered. Now, the utterly pure and untouched Vulkania healing spring can offer regeneration and health to the guests of Rogner Bad Blumau.

The Use of Natural Resources

The Rogner Bad Blumau has always oriented itself around Friedensreich Hundertwasser´s philosophy of life in harmony with nature. That is why our unique geothermal system was developed to supply Rogner Bad Blumau with green energy, which is harnessed from the hot springs of Vulkania. The entire Rogner Bad Blumau facility has run on a geothermal heating system since December 31st of 2000. After electricity is produced, the Vulkania waters still maintain a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. This is enough to heat the entire Rogner Bad Blumau facility, even with an outside temperature of 20 degrees Celsius below zero. In this way, a yearly average of 190 kW of electricity are produced each hour. By using geothermal heat, 4,500 metric tons of greenhouse gases are kept from entering the environment each year. This has the comparable environmental impact as taking 2,700 automobiles off the streets. Using the sensible and environmentally friendly energy sources of mother nature, we set an example for environmental consciousness and climate protection.

The hot springs of Vulkania also help produce electricity. The energy produced from the spring is added back into the public power supply. At a daily rate of 4,300 kWh, almost 30% of Rogner Bad Blumau´s yearly energy consumption is provided for. In addition, Vulkania´s waters contain large amounts of natural carbon dioxide. Liquid carbon dioxide is stored in tanks and used in the beverage industry.